“I’ve been using the Slyder adjustable wand for a few months now and I really like what Craig has done with this wand. I love the telescoping feature and the ability to use just the head and handle for small area applications. This wand can get you into the tough to reach areas and can save your back, and wrist with the telescoping wand and swivel wrist grip. I honestly wasn’t sure if I’d notice the swivel grip but I can honestly say after the first few hours I noticed my hands weren’t developing those callas blisters or hot spots like they do with a normal wand. This wand is great.”

Isaac, carpet cleaning owner (Covington, WA)

“Nothing short of brilliant ! I wish I had that back in the day.”

Former carpet cleaner

“That swivel is incredible man. We knocked out at 4500 square-foot house in about an hour without my wrist throbbing.”

Legacy Carpet Cleaning (Kent, Washington)

“I won’t ever use a different style  as long as I clean carpets. Yours are hands down the best in the industry, in my opinion.”

Alladin Carpet Cleaning (Oregon)

Owner, Miguel didn’t hesitate to purchase the SLYDER Adjustable Wand and put it to work, when he first saw it. “This is a cool wand!” he exclaimed.

Miguel Carpet Cleaning (Lynnwood, Washington)

“Great job, Craig. I’m looking foward to giving this a shot.”

AEF Cleaning (Renton, Washington)

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