The SLYDER Adjustable WandTM

Change the way you clean carpets.

The SLYDER Adjustable Wand is a solution to your professional challenges.

The SLYDER ADJUSTABLE WANDTM is a new adjustable-length carpet cleaning wand that offers professional carpet cleaners the ability to clean more efficiently and comfortably. The SLYDER Adjustable Wand is a solution to their professional challenges.

Constructed of best-in-class stainless steel, quick-release connectors and Parker hoses (rated at 3000psi) that last for years. The stainless steel carpet head will adhere to carpet and extract water better. High tensile grade aluminum tubing is very strong and durable. Don’t miss this all-in-one system that will really make a difference.

Make carpet cleaning productive.

Increase your productivity with a new innovation in carpet cleaning tech. This revolutionary system will lead to higher profits and customer satisfaction. An all-in-one system that helps pros keep their costs down.

SLYDER is an amazing new tool to help you clean better, more thoroughly. The revolutionary, all-in-one system also allows you to clean more. That’s right. Your team will have the time to do one more room — one more job — today. You will clean more carpets faster, without the fatigue associated with carpet cleaning. Your profits and referrals will soar. Act now, save now.

Make carpet cleaning safer.

Back hurting? Is it tight and sore? You need a new wand. It’s a common ailment among carpet cleaners that can be solved now. Don’t waste your money on back massage equipment and therapy.

The SLYDER features a patent pending rotating handle.

No matter how tall or short you are, SLYDER ADJUSTABLE WAND lets you get the job done without the usual back pain. This new innovation can be adjusted to the user’s height. Tried and tested ergonomics help you stand straighter and causes less back fatigue. The SLYDER gives you unmatched comfort. It also features a patent pending rotating handle. This is the only handle that will help take repetitive pressure off your wrist while cleaning carpets.

The SLYDER is also safer to use in tight spaces without knocking over valuables. It protects your customer’s property and results in lower liability. Protect your team with the perfect system. Make the change before the hurt gets worse.

This new innovation can be adjusted to the user’s height.
Quickly transition from floors to stairs.

Make carpet cleaning flexible.

The adjustable wand makes work safer in tight spaces without knocking over valuables. This amazing new all-in-one system allows you to clean anything, anywhere. The modular system allows you to quickly transition from floors to stairs by conveniently reconfiguring the wand into a stair tool.

Make carpet cleaning simpler.

The SLYDER ADJUSTABLE WAND is an all-in-one solution that will help pros keep their costs down. Use the same head for all applications (floor, stairs, upholstery). This will allow you to use fewer tools. And, you no longer need to pack in a lot of tools. The system compacts easily your rig.

Ultimately, when the head is worn, instead of replacing the whole thing you only have to replace the head. 

Make carpet cleaning versatile. 

The perfect all-in-one system. The SLYDER cleans in those hard to reach places, thoroughly and safely. Get the job done like never before. The wand was developed with the busy professional in mind. It functions as a universal multi-tool, doing the work of five wands. Your service technicians can easily trade-out patented quick-release components to meet any cleaning challenge.

The modular system consists of—

  • An adjustable carpet cleaning wand that easily cleans in hard to reach places.
  • The stair tool that allows you to quickly transition from floors to stairs.
  • The turbo vacuum us the ultimate way to clean pet hair from rugs. 
  • A crevice tool that lets you clean along those nasty edges. 

Additional heads may be added in the future, such as a hard surface tool – snap on the grout cleaner head and 4,000 PSI valve cleaning handle to clean hard surfaces and tile grout. 

Make SLYDER yours.

It’s time to think differently with this completely new and better carpet cleaning tool. There’s nothing like it on the market today. This is revolutionary. Once you become a member of the team, watch for new methods to be featured on the site. Contact us now.

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